Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I am clueless. I have no idea what to do for our creative project. The creative part I can handle, but what am I going to research and what will my subject be? I did have one idea that came to mind while I was reading Frankenstein. After a lot of thought I abandoned that idea. I will share it with you anyway though. It was about the value society puts on beauty. In Frankenstein Elizabeth is good, she is put upon a pedestal by everyone that knows her because of her beauty. The monster is ugly so of course he is the evil villain. I can't figure out how I would research something like that. . .

Just write it out, okay so I know this is weird but stay with me on this. Have you ever been told when you can't figure something out to just write it out? When I have a problem I put pen to paper and my thoughts just start flowing incorrect grammar and misspelled words but it always helps. I was writing the post above and I was getting ready to start typing about a big research project I have to do for another class this semester. I'm doing a project about Sally Mann. She is a fascinating photographer. I just watched a documentary about her(thank you MelCat) when "light bulb" Sally Mann photographed a series of decomposing bodies and called it "What Remains" she was set to show the collection at an exhibit in New York, but it was abruptly canceled. Maybe that can be my starting point if I do go ahead with the value of beauty idea.


  1. Your "What Remains" idea sounds... interesting. But if you show pictures, then you should definitely give a disclaimer so people can have the option to leave.

  2. Maybe you should do something concerning today's culture and how beauty is defined so much in appearance. People are judged right off based on appearances usually without any basis. You might be able to tie it into culture in some way.

  3. You could do research on how different societies view of looks differ. or something like that..