Monday, April 11, 2011

Almost over.

This semester is almost over.  I have a lot of homework and studying to do this week. I have decided to redo some of my final project so we will see how that goes on Friday.  Over all it has been an alright semester.  I've had two challenging class.  I have gotten behind on my blog and so I will be posting a couple more posts this week.  I am starting to worry about my grades like I always do near the end of the semester.


  1. Me too worryed about my grade.I am behind in my papers.

  2. I always worry about my grades too. I should check with the professor to see if I am missing anything, just to be on the safe side. I got the email today saying how many posts we are supposed to have... I didn't realize I posted two more additional posts, and I thought I was behind! Hopefully, I am not behind on the commenting part. Good luck making everything up! Three more weeks remaining!